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Abondon all hope ye who enter here...


Dear deviantART,

Technically I've been on hiatus for about a week but now is the time when I can journal it.
There has been a family emergency that has caused a great amount of personal stress and family chaos. It has caused my future to be put into question with uncertainty.

I'll probably be absent for two weeks, a month, two months, more? I don't know. My activity will either be irregular and sudden or planned I don't know. I just don't know.

Thank you all for being patient, loving and supportive. It means a lot. I don't know when I'll be back but I wanted to thank you all. Each and every person reading this know that it means the world to me. Bless you all.

You all in KA spoiled me with amazing art. Haha...I'll have to return the art when I get back. Thank you all. Each piece has made me so very happy.

I'll still be on Skype so feel free to hit me up. If you have my cell, looking at you IRL friends, text me whenever. I'll respond when I can.


In terms of Groups:
During this time I won't be doing RP stuff. All character arcs will be on hold.
I'll be using this time to get in touch with my original ideas, works and other things.

Rebecca of PKMNArmonia:
Rebecca is currently a trubbish. After Randall left she promised to be "strong and happy" for him. Gizmo has already seen her as a trubbish and the positive encouragement from both of them has given her the courage to stop hiding and be seen by her old friends. Because I can't rp right now all that will happen eventually. For now she's trying to talk and meet new people. If you want to headcanon Rebecca seeing your character again go ahead. Day to day she will be quietly minding herself and carefully speaking to friends and new people.

Sophia of St. Mortiel
Sophia is in a psychic crisis with her mind still tangled from the network. Regularly getting headaches or sparking psychic energy. Day to day she will go about normally but will seem "out of it" and always trying to concentrate. She'll still be hanging with her bunfriend Taffy and her friends as normal.

Roderich of Yarelts
There is a possibility of war approaching what do you think he's doing? Trying to plan and trying not to freak out. Typically pensive self with an extra heap of anxiety. He's been more lax as he's been hanging with acquaintances and friends more but still isolates himself to work. His and the tacticians are probably loosing it.
For the Fall Festival he'd probably be a treasure hunt planner that got roped into being a scarer. Imagine him in a cheesy Halloween costume. He'll detest it but do it anyway. Hah...don't forget the make up. Pfft...

A second character named Elliot was supposed to join this month before the bomb dropped but that's not happening.
Elliot is an optimistic emolga boy of 16 that Roderich became reluctant friends with during his years at the guild. Roderich watched out for him and the two formed a brotherly bond. They ran away from town with Elliot's family as it was looted and they became wanted fugitives by said guild.  
He is essential to understanding Roderich's character. He effortlessly calms and makes him smile. This is the one person that Roderich would protect with his life without hesitation. And considering his immense fear of death that's a lot.  So right now he's an unofficial NPC. Elliot will be there when it all goes down fighting with his sword and shield.
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Reading: Awful Hospital ; The Peachkeeper
  • Watching: Is the new SU out yet?

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